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Introducing The DARC... A Larc Replacement, finally!

The Desert Island DARC
The DARC is a faithful recreation of the LARC

For years now, finding a LARC controller has become harder and harder. We at Desert Island Gear believe in faithful recreations of classic audio equipment with modern reliability and parts.

Step forward, The DARC.

The Desert Island DARC (DesertIsland Alphanumeric Remote Control), is a faithful recreation of the classic LARC with enhanced functionality and modern features. Designed for seamless control of up to 3 reverb units simultaneously, the controller stays true to the original while offering added convenience and customization options.

Have 3 480's ? Use one of our DARC units to control them all at once from a single point! Have a 480 and two 300s? Mix and match any combination of 3 units for control!  

In addition to the original features, the DARC Controller introduces new capabilities such as the ability to change font for optimal viewing, flip from unit to unit seamlessly, and control multiple units from the same console. The wide viewing angle ensures there are no dead spots on the screen, providing a clear view from any position.

Artist's concept design of The DARC encasing
Artists Concept of Encasing for The DARC

The encasing is currently in progress with orders expected to be shipped in April.

Don't worry, you're not dreaming...

The replacement is finally here.

We are currently accepting Pre Orders with a 20% discount.

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