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Desert Island Launches... The Channel Strip.

The Channel Strip by Desert Island
The Channel Strip

Our dual channel strip is loaded with premium features that will take your sound to the next level.

At the core of the Dual Channel Strip is its custom transformer input preamp, which delivers warm and rich sound quality. The transformer input line in allows for Mastering Grade Stereo Buss summing with tone rich EQ and Filters, line-level signals, captured with exceptional fidelity. On the output side, the custom transformer output adds a touch of analog magic to your recordings, imparting a rich and full-bodied character.

The Dual Channel Strip's equalizer section is a standout feature, boasting multi-tap inductor-based mid bands that provide a musical and natural sound shaping capability. This allows you to sculpt your audio with precision and clarity, bringing out the best in your recordings. Additionally, 24db/oct selectable high and low pass filters give you even more control over the tonal balance, allowing you to tailor the sound to your exact specifications. These filters are custom designed with no bump at the cutoff point. Pure filtering.

Here's some key features:

  • Two channel unit

  • Custom transformer input preamp

  • Custom transformer line in

  • Custom transformer output

  • Equalizer section with multi-tap inductor mid band EQ Points for accurate Q settings

  • Selectable 24db/oct high and low pass filters with no bump at cutoff

  • High precision custom parts and IC’s for detail, depth and clarity

  • Inspiration taken from a classic console most of us will never get to use... theres obviously something in the AIR.

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We currently have 20% off all Pre-Orders!

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