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Introducing the Desert Island Preamp that seamlessly combines vintage inspiration with modern design to provide an unparalleled audio experience for your SSL console.


At the heart of our preamp is a transformer input paired with a JFET, meticulously crafted to deliver the classic warmth and character of vintage analog gear while offering modern reliability In a Class A circuit.


The pairing of our custom transformer and JFET brings a harmonious blend of vintage tonal qualities and modern audio precision, resulting in an audio signal that is rich, vibrant, full of character and depth.


This unique combination not only pays homage to the timeless sound of vintage Neve, Focusrite and API pre amps, it also elevates your channel strip to new heights of sonic excellence, making it an essential tool for capturing pristine audio recordings with rich detail and tone. All while leaving the original line input as SSL intended it, with an exact part-for-part design of the SSL Line section.


With the Desert Island Preamp, you can expect to experience the unmistakable warmth and musicality of classic analog circuitry, enhanced by the reliability and performance of modern design principles. This fusion of vintage inspiration and cutting-edge technology ensures that your audio recordings will have the tone, clarity and depth you are looking for,  while meeting the demands of today's professional audio standards.


Immerse yourself in the realm of unparalleled audio quality and discover the transformative power of the Desert Island Preamp—a timeless testament to the artistry of audio engineering.

The Preamps

    • SSL E & G Style Cards
    • Compatible with 4k 6k and 8k consoles
    • Class A Circuitry
    • Custom Transformer Input paired with a JFET
    • Original part-for-part SSL Line Input with no changes to signal
    • Manufactured with factory-fresh parts same as the day it left the SSL factory.
    • Designed, Engineered, Hand Built and Packaged in Canada
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